AZ Capital advised Mutua Madrileña on the acquisition of a minority stake in Alantra Asset Management

Alantra and Mutua Madrileña have reached an agreement under which Mutua Madrileña will contribute EUR 45m to finance the growth plan of Alantra Asset Management and, in return, will obtain a 20% stake in the division. Both parties have agreed on an earn out of up to EUR 11.2m. As part of the agreement, Alantra and Mutua Madrileña have agreed to create a EUR 100m investment pool aimed at investing in products managed by Alantra’s asset management division (GP commitments), in which both parties will contribute EUR 50m each. Alantra’s contribution includes its current portfolio of investments in its own vehicles. In addition, both parties will create a EUR 100m investment pool to be invested on its own products (GP commitments). Mutua will contribute with EUR 50m.
Through this transaction, which is only subject to the non-opposition of Spanish Stock Exchange regulator (CNMV, by its acronym in Spanish), Mutua Madrileña will provide the financial resources necessary for the growth, both organic and inorganic, of Alantra’s alternative asset management platform. The agreement is also a significant reinforcement of Alantra’s capital raising capabilities.

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