DZ BANK AG advised VR LEASING AG in the sale of their shares in VR-ZR GmbH to Aktivbank AG

VR-ZR GmbH & Co. KG is the business unit for central settlement of a financial services provider and, for more than 40 years, has handled payment processing between members of purchasing associations (affiliated companies) and suppliers. AKTIVBANK is expanding its activities in bank-based central settlement with the acquisition of the Central Settlement business division VR-ZR GmbH, which has generated sales of around EUR 8bn annually with around 30 affiliated associations in recent years, thereby underlining its strategic focus on the core products of central settlement and factoring. At the end of 2017, VR LEASING announced that it would also divest itself of central bank regulation business activities while focusing its business model. Since July 2018, the company has been operating under the VR Smart Finanz brand.




Advised in the sale of

VR-ZR GmbH & Co. KG


Aktivbank AG

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