SDM-VALORUM acted as exclusive financial advisor to Maes Industries in its acquisition of Abati

Abati, a company specialized in the installation of classical heating and sanitary systems, had become financially distressed (WCO or ”Belgian Chapter 11”) owing to loss-making projects. Notwithstanding this difficult situation, Abati is still a strong quality player with an excellent reputation in the HVAC-business in general and is a reference player in the Antwerp region. SDM-Valorum has therefore identified Maes Industries as the ideal partner to ensure the business continuity of Abati. Indeed, the activities of both companies are very complementary in terms of the turn-key projects they both target. Consequently, the HVAC Groep has mobilized the necessary capital and management to realize a successful acquisition and integration.

Maes Industries is a specialist in the installation of heating-pump, ventilation and air-conditioning systems whilst adhering to the highest standards. Recently, Maes Industries strengthened its capital by means of the unique Smart Deal concept. The Smart Deal is an exclusive product from the corporate finance house SDM-Valorum. Owing to this improved capital structure, Maes Industries is now in an excellent position to guarantee the continuity of both companies and to deliver future growth.

SDM-VALORUM, the Belgian MidCap Alliance member, acted as exclusive financial advisor to Maes Industries in its acquisition of Abati.



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