SDM-Valorum advised the shareholders of Distri Pond Group in the sale to Nordic Waterproofing Group

Distri Pond is a leading distributor of pond systems with a one stop shop offer in the Belgium market, and offers EPDM waterproofing membranes, pumps, filtering, control systems, light and accessories, and maintenance & garden applications. Additionally, the company offers site preparation, installation of EPDM membranes, education, and technical support and maintenance.Nordic Waterproofing Holding A/S’s Swedish subsidiary, Nordic Waterproofing Group AB, has acquired 100 percent of the shares in Distri Pond. With the acquisition of Distri Pond, Nordic Waterproofing’s business unit SealEco strengthens its market presence and distribution of high-quality pond systems supported by installation service as well as education. SealEco currently has one production unit for EPDM membranes in Sweden and prefabrication units in Sweden, UK, Netherlands and Belgium, supplying building envelope solutions and lining applications.

After the realisation of the Smart Deal in 2017 regarding the Distri Pond Group, the Belgian corporate finance house SDM-Valorum successfully managed the sales process of Distri Pond to Nordic Waterproofing.


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