SDM-Valorum advises the shareholders of Eurodal in the sale of a 50% stake to Ebema

Eurodal is active in the public market, the project market and the private market, mainly with the production and installation of high-quality concrete floor slabs. They also innovate with water management solutions such as Hydrops and VélonetEbema strengthens its strategic position by participating in Eurodal. Ebema, a manufacturer of high-quality concrete solutions with offices in Zutendaal (BE) and Rijkevorsel (BE) and known for the Ebema_LivingCity and Ebema_Stone & Style brands, is taking a strategic stake of 50% in Eurodal from Grobbendonk (BE).

Ebema and Eurodal opt for this integration in order to strengthen the market position of both companies and to come out stronger together for the benefit of their customers.


Advised in the sale of

Eurodal (50%)



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