Sisu Partners acted as advisor to KiiltoClean Group on its acquisition of CCS Healthcare Holding

CCS Healthcare Holding AB is the leading manufacturer and distributor of hygiene and first aid products in the Nordic region. The company was established in 1860. Their most known brands are Dax, Plum, Antibac, QuickFix and QuickSafe. CCS Healthcare’s operation is divided in two business areas: workplace hygiene and workplace safety. Last year, CCS Healthcare Holding AB’s net sales were about EUR 41 million. The shares were sold by the Swedish private equity investor Segulah and the company’s executive management. After the acquisition, Kiilto is the market leader in hand and surface disinfection solutions also in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The acquisition enables both companies to offer a more diverse service and solution selection to their customers. Net sales of acquired operations were ca. EUR 41 million in 2018.


For more information please visit: KiiltoClean Group press release


Sisu Partners

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